Tattoo Styles

Our team’s expertise ranges from the timeless beauty of blackwork to the innovative edges of geometric designs, ensuring your chosen style is executed with exceptional precision.

Intricate elephant tattoo symbolizing strength and memory in stunning detail

Realism Tattoos

Realism tattoos capture life-like details and textures, making them ideal for portraits, animals, and nature scenes. Our artists masterfully ink designs that are beautiful pieces of tattoo art.

A vintage-style lantern tattoo with intricate details on forearm.

Fine Line Tattoos

Characterised by their delicate and precise lines, fine line tattoos are perfect for detailed designs and subtle artistry. They’re versatile, allowing for personal symbols, elegant script, and intricate patterns.

Black traditional panther tattoo with bold lines on the forearm.

Traditional Tattoos

Bold lines and bright colors mark traditional tattoos. Featuring classic motifs like anchors, roses, and eagles, this style is timeless and offers a nod to tattooing’s rich history.

A striking black and gray tattoo of a Hanya mask covering the hand, showcasing Dylan's expertise in combining traditional Japanese art with realism

Japanese Tattoos

Japanese tattoos, or Irezumi, are known for their vibrant, flowing designs that often cover large areas. They are inked with deep meaning and meticulous craftsmanship.

Back view of a man seated showing a full-back geometric tattoo in progress

Geometric Tattoos

Discover the mesmerising world of geometric tattoos, where sacred shapes and patterns reveal the hidden language of the cosmos. 

Delicate black and gray willow branch tattoo on forearm.

Watercolor Tattoos:

Watercolour tattoos mimic the fluidity of watercolour paintings. Soft, blending colours create a dreamy, artistic look that’s perfect for floral designs, landscapes, and abstract art.

Omnia Tattoo is Melbourne’s premier tattoo studio, where artistic vision meets world-class craftsmanship. Our team of talented tattoo artists specializes in a wide range of styles, from intricate fine line work to bold traditional designs. We’re committed to creating tattoos that reflect your unique story and style.

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