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Omnia Tattoo

Step in, you’ll sense it immediately.

The respect for the art of tattooing and the stories each client brings to our chairs.

It’s a place where your vision is valued and your skin becomes the canvas for a work of art.

Starting with the initial sketch and finishing with the ultimate detail.

We forge tattoos that reflect your story, bringing a world-class standard, to every design.

Check out our studio and visualise yourself immersed.

Some Of Our Artists

At Omnia Tattoo, you’ll find a community of artists whose talents cover the full spectrum of tattooing.

Whether you’re drawn to the intricacy of fine line work, the bold contrasts of traditional styles, or anything in between, we have the right artist to meet your needs.

With a commitment to quality and a passion for the craft, our artists ensure that every tattoo is a masterpiece reflecting our world-class talent and your personal story.

Luke Dyson, a tattoo artist, deeply focused on his tattooing.

Specialising in portrait realsim

Kat, a tattoo artist, applying her craft with precision and care.

Specialising in fineline & realsim

Dylan, a tattoo artist wearing a cap, engrossed in inking a client

Specialising in portrait realsim

Specialising in fineline tattooing

Portrait of tattoo artist Alex Berin from Omnia Tattoo studio in Melbourne, Australia

Specialising in geometric tattooing

Brea, a tattoo artist with a full sleeve of intricate designs, focused on her craft.

Specialising in portrait realsim

Tattoo Styles

Simple lines to intricate designs, our world class artists are skilled across various styles to match your vision.

Realistic tattoo of basketball player Wemby in action on the court.


A vintage-style lantern tattoo with intricate details on forearm.



Back view of a man seated showing a full-back geometric tattoo in progress


Reviews From Our Clients

Jordan Soulis
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Genuinely the only tattoo place I’ll go to. My girl Kat delivers EVERYTIME!! The talent she has is indescribable and I am so obsessed with the art she has put on my skin. Absolutely go here !! 12/10 experience.

Rose Mooney
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Omnia Tattoo Studio ALWAYS delivers an exceptional experience marked by the artists' engaging banter. The studio seamlessly blends professionalism with a friendly atmosphere, making it a standout choice for those seeking both quality artistry and a comfortable setting. Highly recommended for a top-notch tattoo experience.
Matthew Paproth
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Been here a handful of times now, I always see the great Karlo! The studio is massive, everyone is super nice and welcoming, always a fun, chill and professional environment! All the artists do fantastic work, highly recommend and definitely check them out!
Alison Lavery
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Omnia exceeded all my expectations! From the moment I stepped in, the vibrant and energetic atmosphere set the tone for a memorable experience. The talented artists not only showcased their impressive skills but also made the entire process enjoyable with their friendly and engaging personalities.
Thomas Congerton
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Got my first tatt done by these guys, the beautiful Flora helped me out with some Japanese writing on my rib (which is usually a delicate spot). She was gentle and did an amazing job, I'll be going back there next time I want some ink. 10/10 recommend!
Paige Gammon-Parsons
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These guys are the best of the best! 😍 Kat is my go-to gal and she is so incredibly talented! I'm so blessed to have her as my tattoo artist! (Tattookittykat on instagram) The atmosphere at the studio is amazing and you guys really hype up each other's work and the people who come to get these artworks done! Massive shout out to you guys! Won't be going anywhere else from now on!
Cade Haynes
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JM from Omnia is a bloody legend, ripper bloke who gets the job done in style. Was so welcoming and has sorted a lot of my mates too who've all said similar things. Highly highly recommend
Taki Pramatias
Read More
Place is a vibe, everyone’s so nice. Place is full of legends. All very talented artists also, Rahma is the don👌
Sam Leech
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I had an exceptional experience at Omnia Tattoo Studio. From the moment I walked in, I was welcomed by lovely people and a state-of-the-art layout that set the perfect ambiance. Luke Dyson, with his 15 years of experience, truly impressed me with his skill and creativity. His work clearly showcased why he's renowned as one of the best tattoo artists in Australia. My time at Omnia Studio was nothing short of amazing, thanks to their talented team and outstanding environment.
Isabella Romano
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Jm is a great artist with amazing skills. Highly recommend!
Adam fitz
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Had 3 full day sessions with Dylan over the last few months, his quality and work is unreal. The whole Omnia team are friendly and welcoming. I Will be going back for more sessions.
William Jenkins
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Great tattoo artists, best quality work! Highly recommend!
Emily Gheorghisor
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This is one of the nicest tattoo shops I have ever been to! Kat did my tattoo and she was incredible! Her work is amazing! And all of the other tattooist in the shop are the biggest vibe. Absolutely cannot wait to go back and get more tattoos here. 10/10 ⭐️
Lachlan Frampton
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Went for a full day session with tattoo kitty kat and couldn’t be happier with the results. All staff are extremely nice and respectful and the shop itself is absolutely awesome. 100 percent recommend omnia for your tattoos!!
Tyson Loft
Read More
Omnia Tattoo is exceptional, the professional standard was like hardly any other. Everyone makes you feel welcome and the quality of work speaks for itself. In addition the shop was well maintained, hygienic and consistently clean, Would profoundly recommend.
Nathan Vabec
Read More
Great experience at Omnia, the entire crew made the whole experience so enjoyable. I got sleeve done by Luke, looks gangster and I’m so blown away at how real it looks. He took his time to prefect his amazing talent. I am overall so happy.
Artinos Nissan
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I had the best day getting tattooed while watching the football. I made 1200 after Carlton won the game witch paid for the tattoo. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience for my first tattoo. Thank you rahma
Zac Mcquienn
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Super lovely studio, great environment and friendly. Dyson did some sick work and everything I saw around the studio was sick!
Bianca Foti
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Can’t thank Rahma enough for designing an incredible piece and for the quality of her tattooing. Her attention to detail is amazing and she puts time and effort into making her clients feel comfortable during the tattoo session. You can trust Rahma as an artist to bring your ideas to life. She’s authentic and very creative!
Unlaced Podcast
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Luke is one of the best Tattooists in the business who is also one of the nicest guys you will meet in the industry. Such a fun and creative culture down at the shop and would highly recommend for all people wanting high quality ink work.
Thomas Hogbin
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Love this studio! I was tattooed by Dylan James an amazing artist who has a real passion for tattoos and honestly should be a comedian on the side because he had me in fits. His attention to detail and ability to work with my schedule really made me feel like I was being looked after. Nothing but laughs and good tatts at omnia👌
Vincent G
Read More
Got a tattoo from Rahma today while watching the footy with the crew at Omnia Tattoo, had an absolute blast straight out best group of people and amazing place to go to get Tatts, amazing atmosphere to be around.

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