Luke Dyson

Luke Dyson is a passionate and dedicated tattoo artist who has been refining his craft for over 14 years. With a deep love for art and a commitment to excellence, Luke has established himself as a master of black and gray realism, constantly pushing the boundaries of his chosen style.

Starting from humble beginnings in his backyard, Luke’s natural talent and relentless pursuit of knowledge have propelled him to the forefront of the tattoo industry. His journey has taken him around the world, working in renowned studios across the United States, where he has honed his skills and acquired a wealth of experience.

Luke’s artistic evolution is evident in his work, as he seamlessly blends elements of Chicano, Japanese, and Egyptian styles into his signature black and gray realism. His attention to detail and ability to create depth and dimension through expert shading and cross-hatching techniques set him apart from his peers.

As the founder of Omnia Tattoo studio in Melbourne, Australia, Luke has created a modern, sleek, and elegant space that reflects his commitment to elevating the tattoo industry. He strives to assemble a team of artists who specialise in various styles, ensuring that every client receives the highest quality tattoo experience.

Luke Dyson, a tattoo artist, deeply focused on his tattooing.

Omnia Tattoo is Melbourne’s premier tattoo studio, where artistic vision meets world-class craftsmanship. Our team of talented tattoo artists specializes in a wide range of styles, from intricate fine line work to bold traditional designs. We’re committed to creating tattoos that reflect your unique story and style.

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